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Seminars and Workshops

 UTC Learn Open Lab Hours for Faculty: November and December

Attend one of the following 'open lab' times for assistance with your end-of-semester UTC Learn questions. We will have 2 staff allotted to assist you with your "Grades" tool questions, to help with the end of the semester rush.  We can also help you with the task of Export/Import, if you are getting your Spring course ready!  If these times don't meet your needs, please contact us for an alternate consultation time.

No registration necessary. 


Monday 12/8/14, 2-4pm  - Lupton Library 341

Tuesday 12/9/14, 9-11am - Hunter 401

Wednesday 12/10/14, 9-11am  - Hunter 401


Assessing Student Learning Book Club

Join us for a book club on the practicalities of assessment.  Why bother?  How to do it?  How to plan for it?  How should we organize for implementation?  What do we do with results?  Who cares?  Suskie’s book provides practical applications and strategies for assessments across the institution and the curriculum without making it so complicated that the assessment process dies a slow death.  Comprehensive, without jargon, the text provides methods by which standards and benchmarks and, most importantly, how to use assessment data to make meaningful changes for improvement.

January 30, 2015: Assignment: Read Part One: Understanding Assessment (pp. 1 – 54) and Part Two:  Planning for Assessment Success (pp. 55 – 134) before the session.

February 27, 2015: Assignment: Read Part Three:  The Assessment Toolbox (pp. 135 – 230).

March 27, 2015: Assignment: Read Part Four:  Understanding and Using Assessment Results (pp. 231 -  322).



9 Impactful Online Course Assessment Techniques Webinar

Monday, December 8th, 1:00-2:30 pm EST.

The missing piece of online course instruction is often the immediate and formative feedback that helps instructors to better align course content with the needs of their students. Acquiring this type of valuable feedback can be challenging in the online environment because discussion boards and online quizzes rarely provide an accurate portrayal of the level of students’ understanding. However, traditional methods of online faculty-student interaction can be modified for the online classroom to guide instructors in creating a deeper and more meaningful learning experiences.

Join us for an online training in which our expert instructors will demonstrate a series of nine diverse assessment strategies for online instructors aiming to improve student learning outcomes. This example-packed training provides a step-by-step guide for each assessment technique, allowing you to immediately apply these techniques in your online courses to improve student feedback and more effectively address student challenges.




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If you require accommodations for any of these seminars, please call 423-425-4188.