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Seminars and Workshops


UTC Learn Quick Start

Notice anything new in SP15 UTC Learn Course?  Come get started with the basics. 

1/13/15: 9-10 am, Hunter 401 - Register

1/15/15: 1-2 pm, Hunter 401 - Register

1/22/15:  2-3 pm, UC Computer Lab, 124 - Register


UTC Learn and Retention

UTC Learn's Retention Center enables you to monitor and identify students who are struggling in your class.

1/14/15: 1-2 pm, UC Computer Lab, 124 - Register

1/22/15: 9-10 am, Hunter 401 - Register

UTC Learn and Rubrics

UTC Learn's Rubrics are a way to help students focus their efforts, produce higher quality work, and lessen their anxiety.

1/20/15: 2-3pm, Hunter 401 - Register

1/21/15: 9-10 am, Hunter 401 - Register 


UTC Learn Grade Center

Come explore UTC Learn's Grade Center.

1/13/15: 2-3 pm, Hunter 401 - Register

1/26/15: 9-10am, UC Computer Lab, 124 - Register


Experiential Learning, Critical Reflection and the Experiential Learning Designation

The deadline for applications for designation of 2015 Fall Experiential Learning Classes is February 20. This seminar will provide examples of designated classes, discuss the central importance of critical reflection, and outline the process of designating an experiential learning section.  

1/22/15: 11am-12pm, Ocoee Room, UC  - Register

2/4/15: 11am-12pm, Fortwood Room, UC  - Register


Assessing Student Learning Book Club

Join us for a book club on the practicalities of assessment.  Suskie’s book provides practical applications and strategies for assessments across the institution and the curriculum without making it complicated. Comprehensive, without jargon, this book tells us how to use assessment data to make meaningful changes for improvement. 12:00-1:30, Riverbend Room in the University Center.  

1/30/15: Assignment: Read Part One: Understanding Assessment (pp. 1 – 54) and Part Two:  Planning for Assessment Success (pp. 55 – 134) before the session.

2/27/15: Assignment: Read Part Three:  The Assessment Toolbox (pp. 135 – 230).

3/27/15: Assignment: Read Part Four:  Understanding and Using Assessment Results (pp. 231 -  322).



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If you require accommodations for any of these seminars, please call 423-425-4188.