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Walker Center for Teaching & Learning Resource Collection

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT (personal & professional development) resources (print, video, etc.) to help faculty improve in the job as faculty as well as some personal development opportunities--time management, articulating teaching philosophies, setting a research agenda, help on preparing promotion and tenure dossiers.  The resource collection is catalogued through the UTC Library.  
LEARNING (student learning information) student learning resources include information on diverse learning styles and other student-related learning issues.
TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION (integrating technology into the curriculum/discipline/classroom) many print, online, and video resources are available to promote best practices on the integration of technology into the classroom: seminars, books, articles and video resources.
ORIENTATION (orientation to UTC for faculty -- full time and adjunct) orientation information for new faculty, adjunct faculty and department heads--books, and articles.
TEACHING • ASSESSMENT (teaching strategies/testing/assessment) journals, newsletters, books, articles, and videotapes are available on many teaching, testing, and assessment techniques.
PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES (multimedia production techniques and software applications) how-to manuals, step-by-step instruction and trade publications available.
SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS (software applications to teach better) over 80 software applications, trade publications and manuals, how to manuals and step-by-step instruction sheets.