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Video conferencing at UTC

codecVideo conferencing is simply point to point video calling where participants can see and hear each other. In a video conference you can have a face to face meeting with clients or colleagues in any other city in the world. Less traveling out of town means more time in the office and less travel expense.

At UTC, we use video conferencing to deliver distance programs as well as conduct meetings amongst colleagues from all 5 UT campuses or for the general community.

How does it work?

Point to point video conferencing allows us to connect with any other video conferencing site running the standard for video conferencing over the internet via IP connections. We can connect with multiple sites allowing you to meet with people in two or more video conferencing sites at one time. For example, participants in Chattanooga could converse with colleagues in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Tokyo, all at the same time. We currently have facilities for use in Fletcher Hall, with more to come soon.

How can I get more information?

You may contact Aaron Shoemaker at or by calling 423-425-2149.

What does it cost?

Our basic fees $75 per hour for outside clients 8-5 Monday through Friday and $125 per hour for weekend or holiday events.