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An ePortfolio is a means of organizing, summarizing, and sharing information about yourself and your knowledge, skills, and abilities. ePortfolios are a means of sharing your experience as a developing professional. Your ePortfolio may contain multimedia, text, images, sound, graphics, and video.


Request a Presentation for your Class

UTC Learn offers ePortfolio session for instructors and their students. Graduate Teaching Assistants visit your class to discuss how to create an ePortfolio using Google Sites.

Sessions for classes include:

  • Discussing best practices for constructing and editing an ePortfolio.
  • Showcasing real examples of quality ePortfolios.
  • Providing step-by-step instructions with handouts.
  • Continued support after the presentation.

Available Google Site Tutorials: ePortfolio Basics (PDF), Navigation Bar Basics (PDF)



 Why an ePortfolio

ePortfolios are a great resource for students to utilize.  It allows students to:

  • Showcase previous research experience and publications.
  • Monitor competencies related to specific majors.
  • Represent the student's developing knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Support collaboration on a variety of different projects (e.g. Engineering/Mathematics).
  • Share their academic and professional accomplishments.

It also allows students to provide direct links to their work, and to supplement their existing resumé with additional information.



Contact Us

To schedule an appointment for an ePortfolio workshop for your department or your students you may contact us by:

Phone: (423)-425-4188


Walk in: Hunter Hall (401)