Mediasite Lecture Capture

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Mediasite is a service available to UTC Faculty and staff that allows you to broaden your instructional approach. Mediasite combines a video presentation with a PowerPoint Presentation developed by the instructor. Mediasite provides an experience for the student that is very similar to an actual class meeting.

Mediasite can be used to supplement class activities and hold class meetings in the event that an instructor has to miss class. This service can also allow online students to “meet” their online instructors by watching them on video, which adds a more personal touch to an online class.

Mediasite presentations are recorded and can be watched again and again from any computer with an internet connection, all you need is a web browser.

Example of Mediasite Presentation



The newest rendition of Mediasite is a software-based desktop recorder that allows you to capture whatever is on your desktop screen, along with your voice and video, to create content that is able to be distributed to students.  We can also password-protect content so that it is not available to the whole world, but only those you would like to share it with.  In order to acquire access to this service, you must attend a training.  Check our training schedule here

See an example here

Login to MyMediasite  (UTC ID and password)


Mediasite Recording

Remote setup with portable recorder: $50

Mediasite capturing video and PowerPoint: $25/ hr.

mediasite platform

Additional Technicians: $15/hr.

Live Streaming

Remote setup with portable device: $50

Live streaming of events: $40/hr

More than one remote site during live streaming: $20/site

Additional Technicians: $15/hr.