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Adobe Connect at UTC

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Adobe Connect is a software-based online meeting environment where users can conduct classes or have meetings and be able to share video, audio and content in real-time.  Adobe Connect is a platform ideal for hybrid classes where a class may meet every 3 class periods virtually in place of face-to-face meetings or only a few times over the course of the semester.  It is also very useful for individuals who want to get instant feedback from instructors and collaboration from peers without having to leave the comfort of their own home.  Adobe Connect operates via Flash, which is present on over 90% of computers worldwide.  


How does it work?

Adobe Connect is simply an online meeting space, accessible from a unique URL, that you enter at a specific class meeting time.  All you need to participate in an Adobe Connect meeting is a computer or device, a webcam, a microphone and a high-speed internet connection (dial-up not recommended).  It is recommended that users always share audio via a computer headset, to reduce the chances of feedback.  


Access UTC Adobe Connect


How can I get more information?

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Adobe Connect is currently available only for trial or test periods.  In the future, it is hopeful that Adobe Connect will be a larger part of UTC Learn. 

Do you think Adobe Connect is something that you would like to use for your course or program?  For questions, consultation or training, contact Aaron Shoemaker at or by calling 423-425-2149.