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Uploading large numbers of images

This instructional will explain how to upload large number of images at one time. This will be done by uploading a zip file, a single file that includes multiple files compressed into one archive.

NOTE: All uploading and navigating involved in this tutorial occurs once logged in to OU Campus. For instructions on how to log in, watch the Tour video. Be sure to log in from the department’s homepage.

  1. To upload a zip file, navigate to Content > Pages. This will display the list of files in the site. All images should be uploaded to the Images folder.
    Uploading batch images: step 1
  2. Click Upload in the upper right-hand portion of the screen.
    Uploading batch images: step 2
  3. A window will appear for file selection. Take this opportunity to set Properties for these images such as who has Access to these images. By default, the upload type option is set to Standard. Change this to Zip. In the Zip Selection section of this window, browse to the zip file to be imported from the computer.
    Uploading batch images: step 3
    Uploading batch images: step 3b
  4. On the next screen, review the files to be imported. Before clicking Extract, it is possible to deselect a file or files from being uploaded to the site by clicking on the red minus symbol that appears when hovering over the file name. Once confirming that the list of files is satisfactory, click Extract at the bottom of the window. It is recommended that filenames be addressed (no capitalization, no spaces, separated by hyphens, no special characters) prior to uploading. However, you will be provided an opportunity to rename the files during the upload process. If  large numbers of images need renaming, free software such as Bulk Rename Utility are designed to assist and can be found on the internet. Uploading batch images: step 4
  5. After extraction is complete, a Success Notice will appear.

Congratulations! You just uploaded large numbers of images at once.