Website Analytics

Evaluating the usage of your website with analytics can be a very interesting, and distracting task. But, it can provide some very useful information regarding what pages are being used on your site, how much and by who. Data can be sliced & diced and compared over time-frames until you forget what the original question was you were asking! We recommend focusing on two key items:

  • What pages are used the Most?
  • What pages are used the Least?

Only you will know if those are the pages you expect to be used. If not, look at the content! Is something important missing from those least used pages, that are preventing them from being useful? Is there something about the most used that can provide useful insight to what your users are looking for? If you want more visitors, then give them more of what they are looking for! Not duplicate content, just related content or more of that 'type' of content.

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