University Photography


University Image Gallery

We have a large collection of images available for departments to use on their websites and in marketing materials. This gallery includes images of students in classrooms, on campus, and participating in various student activities, common campus areas and buildings, and the Chattanooga community. A smaller collection of broad-topic campus images is available to faculty and staff on the server. Directions on how to access this collection are in the sidebar. A larger collection is held and managed in the Office of University Relations.

If interested in stock university images, faculty and staff can access them by connecting to the shared drive as follows:

  • PC: open disk O:\Shared1\All Employees\University Photography; or Open Computer, choose Map Network Drive from the menu, O:\Shared1\AllEmployees\University Photography\
  • Mac: in Finder, choose menu item Go, Connect to Server. For OSX 10.6-10.8, enter smb://; for OSX 10.9 or greater, enter cifs://, click Connect, then navigate to: depts > shared1 > All Employees > University Photography
  • Linux: connect to smb://, then navigate to: depts > shared1 > All Employees > University Photography. If you are asked to enter a domain during the login process, specify UTC as the domain

Request a Photograph

If you don’t find the image you’re looking for in the available online collection or are an outside institution/entity, please email April Cox with an idea of what you need, including size, orientation, and usage for the photograph(s).

Request a Photography Session

If you need photography services, please fill out the request form to the right. Provide as much information as is currently available and please plan ahead. If you have questions, email April Cox or call 425-4363. As a courtesy, it is preferred that you make contact a minimum of two weeks before your class, event, or photo deadline. Please be aware we offer this service to the entire campus, so availability can be very limited during busy times of the year.


If you need a headshot, we schedule these every last Wednesday of the month. If you want to attend the upcoming session, please email University Relations. Please do not just show up without contacting us.

Date: Every last Wednesday of the month
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Founder’s Hall Foyer (outside the Chancellor’s Office)
Site Contact: Michael Miller
Time Commitment: Each headshot will only take a minute or two, but please let Michael know if you are in a hurry and need to go first.
Rain: Even it’s raining, we will still take the photos inside.

Services offered include:

  • Marketing images of students participating in hands-on classroom/lab/internship activities; these can be on or off campus
  • Environmental headshots and portraits of faculty/staff/students for websites, research projects, publications, etc. (we currently do not have the space or equipment for studio headshots)
  • Documenting events that are historically significant to the university
  • Special requests are considered on an individual basis

There is no charge to an individual or department for these services.

If necessary, you may be able to borrow a high-quality, point-and-shoot camera from our office. Email Mary Donoso or call 423-4363, to get more information.