Consumer Questions Answered in Con Ed Home Theatre Course

Instead of buying a new TV set to accommodate DVD viewing, spend approximately $30 on a device called an RF modulator, available at local electronics retail stores and DVD output can be "boosted" to NTSC (normal TV) frequencies, according to UTC Music Professor Dr. Stephen Bird. " Even if you use your VCR to "decode" the DVD player signal for now, you'll get much better results on average with the RF modulator. That's because it allows you to "fine-tune" the impedance of the DVD's output signal to better match the TV's requirements," Bird says. Bird will teach a UTC Continuing Education course Home Theater 2001, which will be offered on two consecutive Monday evenings, March 19 and 26, 6 p.m -8 p.m. in the UTC University Center. This course will focus on making well-informed choices when purchasing audio and video electronics for home theater, and in getting the most value for your money. "Plus, you'll pick up lots more money-saving tips like the one above!" Bird says. The first session will focus on answering consumer questions about Home Theater, such as:
"How is home theater different from my stereo, VCR and TV at home?"
"What program sources are now available? What about in the near future?"
"How do I allocate my budget for each part of the system?"
"How can I avoid buying equipment that will be obsolete in a few years?"

The second session will feature a demonstration of cutting-edge technology by representatives of Audio Forest, of Atlanta, GA. AF is the largest retailer and installer of home theater in the Southeast. Class participants will be able to see demonstrations of:
* High-Definition (HDTV) plasma screen video monitor
* DVD-RAM (recordable DVD) -- commercially available for the first time this spring
* All-digital amplifier that drives a loudspeaker directly (no D/A conversion)

The class cost is $40 for both sessions. Call UTC Continuing Ed at 425-4344 for further information or to register.

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