Healthy Mocs Reach a Milestone

The "Healthy Mocs" Fitness Program, which is open to all full and part time UTC faculty, staff and spouses, set a goal of 10,000 miles to be walked, run, rowed, cycled, skiied and EFXed for members for 2000.

The UTC Exercise, Health, and Leisure Studies Department sponsors the Healthy Moc Fitness/Wellness Program. "As a result of a lot of hard work and some staff "nagging" by December 12th, the group reached the goal with a total of 10,227 miles! In addition, the group lifted a total of 6,212 tons using the various weight equipment in the lab. Several of our members, Nick Honerkamp and Dan Quarles, reached the 500 Mile mark or more, while Peggy Gossett reached 675 miles. Many more reached the 100 Mile or 250 Mile mark," according to Dr.Pat Mosher.

Physician's approval and a physical is required prior to entrance into the program.

Healthy Mocs is starting a combination nutrition/weight control/exercise program "Sensible Weighs" which includes the Healthy Moc program and the "Sensible Weighs" portion. If you have questions regarding Healthy Mocs, please call or e-mail Mosher at Pat-Mosher@utc.edu or Dr. Burch Oglesby at Burch-Oglesby@utc.edu. There are pictures and more info available on the website located at www.utc.edu/~ehlsdept/, and then click on Healthy Mocs.

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