English for Students of Other Languages Teacher Prep Academy Offered at UTC

A teacher preparation academy at UTC called "English for Students of Other Languages" (E.S.O.L) is being offered at UTC. In this program, participants work with students, teachers and others in varied educational settings to assist students of non-English language backgrounds in learning English, and in making a successful transition into the regular school curriculum.

North Georgia and surrounding areas are experiencing rapid growth in the number of ESOL students within the local school populations. There is an acute need for teachers and other education personnel with skills for helping these students.

On-line delivery of classes is a major component of these classes.

Among the admissions classifications to E.S.O.L. is non-degree, and students in this classification must have a 2.5 cumulative gpa or a 3.0 in their last thirty hours. Before the end of the first semester of enrollment in the non-degree status, students must submit a transcript showing conferral of their baccalaureate degree. Students may take undergraduate or graduate course for which they have prerequisites. With the approval of their advisor, students may bring 9 graduate hours of courses taken while they were non-degree students into a degree program. Those students who do not meet those GPA requirements may be considered for conditional admission.

Register by January 17 with the UTC Graduate School, 114 Race Hall, 615 McCallie Avnue in Chattanooga, or call 423/425-4466 or visit the website at http://www.utc.edu/gradstudies.

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