Move Quickly to "See Cyrano de Bergerac"

Sales are brisk for "Cyrano de Bergerac," the next offering in the Dorothy Patten Series set for Sunday, January 21st.

The Aquila Theatre Company of London brings to Chattanooga the Frenchman Edmond Rostand's swashbuckling story of romance and intrigue that is poignant and beautifully funny.

Cyrano, an excellent swordsman, is smitten with the beautiful Roxanne. Because of his famously huge nose, Cyrano feels he can never truly win her heart. He keeps his love a painful secret. Cyrano befriends the handsome Christian , whom he helps woo Roxanne by writing love letters and by teaching him the arts of eloquence, courtship and poetry.

Aquila Theatre Company brings its considerable skill and expertise in producing exciting renditions of classical theatre to this superb European play. A cast of actors from the professional London and New York stages, a specially commissioned adaptation and an original musical score will make Cyrano de Bergerac memorable.

For more information, visit the UTC Fine Arts Website at www.utc.edu/~finearts/.

Dinner is also available the night of the show at the Patten House, where the UTC Faculty Club is located. Reservations are necessary. Call Stephen Clark at 394-8368.

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