Stephanie Jones Wins May's Blue Ribbon Award

When looking for Stephanie Jones on campus, you are most likely to find her, well, just about everywhere.

Jones, a 19-year employee of UTC, has held many titles and served on many committes. She also has a husband and a daughter and is working on her degree. Because of her experience with UTC, Jones not only acts a employment assistant in personnel services, but keeps in touch with many facets of the University's operation.

"I am a communications major at UTC, along with my job here," said Jones. Her writing abilities are a skill she believes landed her the additional task of acting as support staff for the Employee Relations Committee.

While "ERC support staff" is not written in her job description, she gladly performs many functions for the ERC. She takes the minutes of each meeting, which can last over an hour. Then she types the minutes of each meeting and distributes them to the 18 ERC groups across campus. She also books the rooms in which the ERC meets. Teresa Adcox, ERC chairperson, said Jones books the room up to a year in advance. "That really helps us organize the rest of the ERC duties," she said.

The "extra mile" that Jones went to recently was a huge help to Adcox. "She helped map out all of the new ERC groups for the upcoming election," Adcox said.

All non-exempt workers at UTC are eligible to participate in the ERC, and they are all divided into groups. "Each group is based on geographical location," said Jones. "One group may consist of staff members working in Founders Hall and Development, and another group may include the School of Business, Disbursements and the Bursar." Jones' focus was to place an even number of employees into each group at each location, so that all staff workers are represented equally when each group elects a representative. "It wasn't easy, but I was happy to do it," said Jones.

Adcox equally appreciates Jones' attitude. She descibes Jones as "cordial and professional," and says she never loses those qualities. "Stephanie is always that way," Adcox said. "That's just her nature, and anyone on campus will say the same."

by Libby Rich

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