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Christina Lee Wins February's Blue Ribbon

Christina Lee knew when she accepted the post as Department Secretary of the Walker Teacher Resource Center that her job would take her from Minnesota to Tennessee. What she didn't know was that her job was going to take her into space&emdash;cyberspace to be exact.

When she started, the department had just been formed, and her duties were, as she puts it, "general secretary stuff" for about the first month or so. "I had basic training in computers and knew how to use a spreadsheet, but I didn't necessarily know it was called Excel."

Two years later, Lee holds the title of Program Resource Specialist for the Walker Teacher Resource Center. She assists faculty and graduate assistants with the University's computer technology, including helping professors set up web pages for their departments, formatting interactive cd's for students to use, and, most recently, making music on the computer.

But according to others, Lee deserves the Blue Ribbon Award because she is well respected for her dedication to her job as well as for her knowledge. "No matter how busy or involved Christina may be, she always stops what she's doing to listen and be helpful. Sometimes we will all be ready to go home, and Christina is still here, catching up on her own work after helping other people all day long," says a co-worker. Dr. Karen Adsit, director, Walker Teacher Resource Center, says Christina is a "gem" with a pleasant smile at any time of the day. "Sometimes I'll be in meetings all day long, and Christina is the one who is here all the time answering questions and helping people. She really goes the extra mile, and sometimes she's more pleasant than I am," Dr. Adsit admits with a laugh.

Lee adds that she loves the course her job has taken. "At first, it was just Karen and me doing the computers, and I learned a lot from her." Last July, Dr. Adsit became supervisor for the Student Help Desk, the Student Computer Lab and Microcomputer Training, and Lee, in turn, became the secretary for those areas as well. "I love it. Now I get a lot more contact with students, and I get to see more of the university," she says.

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