Sick Leave Bank

UTC's personnel department invites employees to take advantage of the sick leave bank. Here's how it works:

The sick leave bank is a common pool of hours to which staff or 12-month faculty donate some of their accumulated leave. If a member of the bank experiences a serious personal illness or injury and has used all of his/her sick and annual leave, a request for a sick leave bank "withdrawal" can be made to the trustees of the bank.

If approved, the employee may receive up to 60 days from the bank per fiscal year, or 90 days per illness or injury. Hours used from the bank do not have to be re-paid. Under certain circumstances, an employee who is a member of the bank can also receive sick leave hours from donors. However, employees must be a member of the bank to be a donor recipient.

For questions, or further information, contact personnel services at 4221 or 4758.

by Keith Leamon, Benefits Administrator

Editor's Note: Keith joined the personnel staff Jan. 1998 and will be contributing personnel items of general interest to UTCnews.

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