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Point-Earning Opportunities:
Clean & Green Summer 2012 Photo

  Designated Beyond the Classroom Courses: These can also be found in the class sections listing with a Beyond the Classroom Attribute code. 20 points will be awarded for each course.

B) Non-Academic Credit Bearing Experiences: 10 points will be awarded for each experience that can be found on the BTC website.

C)  Campus and Community Events: Students earn 2 points per event, and may earn up to 20 points per semester. Throughout a student's time at the university, they may earn up to 40 points total through events. To participate, students must sign up at 551 Oak Street during the first two weeks of class.

D) Student-proposed Beyond the Classroom Learning on Campus or in the Community: These may earn up to 40 points. 

ThinkAchieve Graduation Distinction
Students who earn 120 points and complete the Senior Reflection will receive:
1) A graduation award
2) ThinkAchieve Designation on Transcript
3) Recognition at Graduation
4) An invitation to a Graduation Banquet

Beyond the Classroom Semester Award
Students who complete at least 20 points in a semester through participating in and reflecting on Campus and Community Events will qualify for:
1) Priority registration during the following semester
2) An invitation to a celebratory dinner
3) A handsome Beyond the Classroom Semester Award, displayed below by a few winners, and signed by a UTC dignitary!
The Beyond the Classroom Semester Award and benefits can be earned up to two times.
 Fall 2014 Awards Dinner