Students Currently/Previously Abroad

UTC students study abroad ALL over the world! The current top destinations are: Spain, Germany, UK, Bahamas, Vietnam, Italy, France, Australia, and Chile.

Student Blogs

Our UTC students are blogging about their experiences while abroad. Some have even continued blogging as part of the cultural ambassador program. This is a great way to get a sense of a UTC study abroad student's day-to-day experiences in real time! 

SaTonya Thomas  

Alcala, Spain


Thu Dang

Chukyo University, Japan - ISEP Exchange, Full Academic Year


Katlyn Barnes

Griffith University, Ireland - KEI Study Abroad, Spring Semester


Nathan King

Hyderabad, India - ISEP Direct, Ful Academic Year


Alyssa Whited 

Ludwigsburg, Germany - Spring Semester