What Do We Offer?

The following services are free of charge to active SSS students. 

Tutoring – one-on-one  and group instruction is provided by peer and professional tutors who have training and expertise in math, science and other subjects.

Academic Coaching - work with you one-on-one to identify and overcome obstacles that may prevent you from being successful.

Writing Assistance – provides an evaluation of your writing to help produce quality academic essays. In addition, you are helped with developing resumes and personal statements for career support and graduate school entry.

Academic Advising - helps you set achievable goals and develops the skills needed to ensure that you make timely progress toward your degree.  

Course Planning – assists you in identifying and examining your strengths and limitations in order to create a manageable schedule of classes.

Personal Counseling – provides you with access to sensitive and caring SSS staff who strives to understand and support your goals, your aspirations, and your challenges--both academic and non-academic.

Career Guidance - helps you formulate answers to the questions “Who am I?”, “What do I want to do?” and “How do I get there from here?”

Academic Monitoring - SSS collects weekly, Pre-Midterm and Midterm reports that will provide staff with information in time to help you take action and improve your course grades.

Graduate/Professional School Coaching – offers assistance for raising your aspirations, researching financial aid options and completing application packages.

Financial Support - you can apply for additional financial aid and TRIO scholarships specifically for SSS students.

Financial Education – helps you to improve your financial literacy and gain knowledge of financial resources through workshops, individual counseling, and a SSS online Financial Literacy course. 

Academic and Social Events - attend cultural events and workshops on study skills, time management, personal development and other topics of interest. SSS students are honored at our Graduation Reception during December and May of each year.

Black Male Programming - provides services to support the inclusion and academic success of black males.  

High-Tech Computer Lab - specifically reserved for only SSS students to work on a Dell or Apple computer, print coursework and make copies.

Study Zones – a quiet place to study and learn from other students.

Resource Library – connections to useful resources on various topics from course specific study techniques, healthy lifestyles, careers and financial management. 



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Course Planning