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What is the Freshman Transition Program?

The Freshman Transition Program provides a structured environment to help you survive your first year in college and beyond.   You will emerge from the program more confident in your academic ability, more comfortable in the college setting and part of a student community.

The cornerstone of the program is a series of academic and social events that include:

Tutoring – receive weekly instructional support for first year courses from successful upper division students.

Study Hall – get help with first year math and science courses without the weekly commitment of tutoring.

Socials  – take a break from the daily routine of classes, studying, and exams. Attend fun-filled events and build relationships with SSS staff and  successful upper division students who have "been there, done that."  Food, music, open mic, and more!  

Academic Enhancement Workshop Series – each workshop is given three times to give you an opportunity to attend.

  • Time Management and Goal Setting – get tips on how to manage your time, yourself and your tasks.

  • Learning Strategies – take an inventory and discover new learning techniques specific to you and your classes. 

  • Freshman Transition – lean the secrets to adjusting to life as a first year student.