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Funded Student Programs & Services

Student Program and Services Fee (SPSF) money is collected each term (including summer sessions) based on the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled up to a maximum amount of $120 per semester. 

The following chart provides a breakdown of all organizations, programs and activities funded by the SPSF for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Note:  All fee revenues generated, but not spent, are carried forward and are available for future use. 

Program Type/Name Sponsoring Organization Amount Funded
"Apatheism: Uncharted Territory in Philosophy of Religion" Speakers & Special Events $350.00
"Beat Week" T Shirts SGA $2,100.00
"From Russia with Love" Speakers & Special Events $656.00
"If God is Dead, Then What are Philosophers of Religion…." Speakers & Special Events $225.00
"Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?" Speakers & Special Events $2,500.00
“Feel Good Naked” SGA $450.00
“How to Change a Man” SGA $400.00
“Rachmaninoff for Two” Duo Piano Recital SGA $320.00
“Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” SGA $41.16
2014 Trumpet Festival of the Southeast Speakers & Special Events $1,500.00
32nd Annual C.S. Lewis Lecture Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Alternative Winter Break SGA / NPHC $400.00
Between Race and Nation: Shirley Chisholm and Natl. Pol. Speakers & Special Events $775.00
Breast Cancer Awareness Tabling Campus Activities Board $0.00
Brother 2 Brother “Gentlewoman” event SGA $500.00
CAB - Mocs Madness Concert SGA / CAB $8,000.00
CAB WEEK Adam Mamawala Campus Activities Board $3,730.00
CAB WEEK Casino Night Campus Activities Board $8,855.46
CAB WEEK Flip Book Photo Booth Campus Activities Board $2,084.00
CAB WEEK Laser Tag Party Campus Activities Board $2,084.00
Campus Activities Board Funding SGA $7,000.00
Chatta-Luna Campus Activities Board $7,451.30
Christian Student Center - Supplies and Travel SGA $755.31
Civil Rights at the Grassroots Level Being Engaged Speakers & Special Events $1,500.00
Collegiate 100 Induction Ceremony SGA $265.30
Collegiate 100 of UTC for National Conference Registration  SGA / Collegiate 100 $600.00
Cross the Line SGA $162.30
Cross the Line SGA $200.00
Disability Awareness Month  SGA $75.00
District I Meeting SGA $99.99
District II Meeting SGA $99.99
District III Meeting SGA $99.99
District IV Meeting SGA $98.24
District V Meeting SGA $99.99
Diversability Event SGA $251.70
Diversity According to South Park & Family Guy Campus Activities Board $1,650.00
Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy Speakers & Special Events $700.00
Do Mean and Women Speak in Two Different Tongues?.... Speakers & Special Events $300.00
Drag Show SGA $350.00
DYE-versity SGA $60.00
Elect Her 2014 SGA $650.00
Everyone is Gay Campus Activities Board $1,500.00
Everyone is Gay SGA $500.00
Facade: An Entertainment, with world premiere…. Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Fair Fair SGA $150.00
Fashion Show Campus Activities Board $1,342.52
Feel Good Naked Campus Activities Board $1,000.00
Funds for Food SGA $1,000.00
Game Room Supplies SGA $200.00
Games and Griddles SGA $150.00
Gentlewoman: Etiquette for a Lady from a Gentleman Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Globalization Seminar Speakers & Special Events $1,266.00
Heart Disease Awareness  Campus Activities Board $0.00
History and Recent Activity on the East TN Seismic Zone Speakers & Special Events $971.00
Holocaust Lecture (Tamas Stark) Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Holocaust Lecture by Tamás Stark SGA $300.00
Homecoming Concert: Natalie Stovall & The Drive Campus Activities Board $4,740.00
Homecoming T Shirts SGA $550.00
Homecoming Tailgate SGA $1,650.00
Hop for Hope SGA $150.00
Hot Coco and Hand Warmers SGA $400.00
Hunger Games Food Drive & Ticket Giveaway Campus Activities Board $1,355.75
International Student Programming International Student Association $2,500.00
James Kennedy Lecture in Shakespeare Speakers & Special Events $800.00
Katie Hnida SGA $500.00
Kjerstin Gruys: "Beauty: Bodies from the Personal…." Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Leadership Banquet SGA $4,825.00
League of Legends Club Travel SGA / League of Legends $514.61
League of Legends World Championship Viewing Party SGA $169.76
Live Like a UTC Student Campus Activities Board $1,312.26
Marian Anderson String Quartet with SE Composers Forum Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Mark-Up SGA $20.20
Meacham Writers' Workshop Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Meacham Writers Workshops Speakers & Special Events $2,000.00
Men's Lacrosse Club travel SGA $850.00
Mentor Match Up SGA / Unique Perceptions $252.50
Michael Kent Campus Activities Board $1,850.00
Minority Student Programming Black Student Alliance $4,100.00
Minority Student Programming UTC NAACP $1,500.00
Minority Student Programming Brother 2 Brother $2,500.00
Moc Madness Campus Activities Board $52,481.81
Mocs Aquatic Team supplies SGA $600.00
Mortar Board meeting supplies SGA / UTC Mortar Board  $327.31
Mortar Board National Conference SGA / UTC Mortar Board  $495.00
MoSaic Luncheon SGA $599.00
Movie Night: American Hustle Campus Activities Board $660.50
Movie Night: Catching Fire Campus Activities Board $660.50
Movie Night: Ender's Game Campus Activities Board $296.00
Movie Night: Frozen Campus Activities Board $660.50
Movie Night: Pitch Perfect Campus Activities Board $521.00
Movie Night: Skyfall Campus Activities Board $521.00
Movie Night: The Great Gatsby Campus Activities Board $521.00
Movie: Space Jam SGA $175.00
Music in the Pit: Andy Davis Campus Activities Board $1,209.29
Music in the Pit: The Icarus Account Campus Activities Board $1,000.00
NIRSA Intercollegiate Flag Football Tournament  SGA / UTC Speed $675.76
Open Mic Night Campus Activities Board $184.17
Open Mic Night  Campus Activities Board $400.00
Open Mic Night  Campus Activities Board $400.00
Open Mic Night: Micah Campus Activities Board $1,908.56
Outstanding Senior Banquet - Pianist SGA $50.00
Pimp My Pumpkin SGA $82.50
Ping-Pong table and supplies for the UC Foundation Activity Room SGA $265.00
Play Believe Achieve Campus Activities Board $499.10
Play, Believe, Achieve SGA $350.00
Poetry Evening Speakers & Special Events $200.00
Power C Lunch SGA $403.50
Professional Integrity: Eliminating Healthcare Fraud…. Speakers & Special Events $600.00
Rachmanioff for Two - Duo Piano Recital Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Religious Diversity in the Workplace Speakers & Special Events $200.00
Residence Hall Programming Residence Hall Association $5,660.00
RHA and SGA Meet and Greet Event  SGA / RHA $327.83
River Cities I-O Psychology Conference - Student Day Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Sang M. Lee (College of Bus. & UTC) Speakers & Special Events $2,000.00
Sex in the Dark SGA $1,300.00
SGA Bonfire Campus Activities Board $816.09
SGA Retention Survey Supplies SGA $75.00
SGA Stoles SGA $40.00
Sleep, Memory, and Aging Speakers & Special Events $300.00
Spirited Art Campus Activities Board $1,550.00
Spoken Word Night: Carlos Andres Gomez Campus Activities Board $1,125.94
Starting Your Career as a Theatrical Designer Speakers & Special Events $800.00
STEM Meeting Supplies SGA / STEM $58.10
Student Choir Littleton H. Mason Singers $2,000.00
Student Ministries Campus Ministry Association $1,500.00
Student Programming Student Empowerment Association $750.00
Student Veterans Organization Travel SGA $100.00
Students for Liberty Travel to Vanderbilt SGA / Students for Liberty $197.69
Study Marathon Supplies SGA $3,000.00
Study Marathon Supplies SGA $1,496.40
Surviving Johnstown and the People's Temple Speakers & Special Events $700.00
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Speaker Campus Activities Board $0.00
Swing Dance Lessons SGA / UTC Swing Dance $180.00
T shirts for Samford Game SGA $1,800.00
Take Back the Night SGA $540.00
Take Back the Night Chattanooga Speakers & Special Events $1,000.00
Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature SGA $5,000.00
The Beehive Design Collective Speakers & Special Events $800.00
The Death Penalty and Philosophy Speakers & Special Events $500.00
The Tarnished Badge Speakers & Special Events $600.00
Trivia Night Campus Activities Board $56.73
Trivia Night Campus Activities Board $0.00
Ultimate Frisbee - Travel SGA $253.32
UTC Film Club Meet and Greet SGA / UTC Film Club $51.26
UTC Film Club welcome back event SGA / UTC Film Club $44.36
UTC Film Club’s admission to the Sidewalk Film Festival SGA / UTC Film Club $135.00
UTC History Club T shirts SGA / UTC History Club $54.60
UTC History Club Trip to Civil War Reenactment SGA / UTC History Club $98.56
UTC History Club Trip to Hermitage SGA / UTC History Club $159.84
UTC Mock Trial Supplies SGA / UTC Mock Trial $207.00
UTC Visiting Artist Yinghua Zhu Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Visiting Artist Lecture, Exhibition, Studio Visits & Demo Speakers & Special Events $500.00
Welcome Week Movie Night: Fast and Furious 6 Campus Activities Board $1,106.62
We're The Millers Campus Activities Board $296.00
What Am I Doing Here? A Hiring Trends Perspective…. Speakers & Special Events $700.00
What Hurts the Most SGA $100.00
Yinghua Zhu’s public lecture SGA $250.00
Zumbathon Campus Activities Board $225.00


Previous Student Activity Fee Funding:

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