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Strategic planning calendar

The strategic planning process should be completed in 5 months.  The development stages are based on starting in late August 2014. Preliminary data collection began in April, 2014.

  • Set the Stage (1 week)
    • Establish objectives
    • Charge to the group by Chancellor
    • Agree to completion schedule
    • Appoint committee & kick-off
  • Review where you have been (3 weeks)
    • Review the previous strategic plan
    • Determine areas completed, areas left undone and opportunities
    • Establish the changes that have occurred since last plan
    • Review mission & vision and modifications
  • Establish where you want to go (5 weeks)
    • Review chancellor objectives & priorities
    • Agree to new mission & vision
    • SWOT analysis
    • Set the priority areas
  • Create the road ahead (4 weeks)
    • Conduct outreach sessions; test areas of emphasis
    • Develop the targets of opportunity for each strategy
    • Task forces conduct interviews; establish areas of focus
    • Surveys initiated & completed; data compiled
  • Build the model from the ground up (4 weeks)
    • Set framework for key initiatives and areas of focus
    • Review vision & mission and connection to initiatives & focus areas
    • Create and produce the templates for distribution and measurement
    • Gain feedback from executive team and modifications
  • Roll out, follow up, measurement and sharing the news (2 weeks & ongoing)
    • Complete strategic plan document
    • Create printed and digital version of document
    • Develop website presence for strategic plan, dashboard and blog to be updated with periodic progress
    • Develop rollout and update schedule with assigned responsibilities for the next 2 years plus.

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