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Outreach to Community

These groups have been involved to date with the strategic planning initiative. They have responded to questions related to the UTC Vision and potential branding messages. In addition, they provided feedback on student success and community partnerships that is being used in developing the strategic objectives for UTC.

Interview Notes

Chancellor’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Council

Student success:

  • Career focused
  • Good judgment
  • Confidence – degree worth something
  • Connecting with mentors
  • Resources
  • Class size
  • Personal relationship with professors; real life experiences
  • Facilities – tools & resources
  • Employment
  • Graduation
  • Well-educated
  • Global
  • Challenged in classroom
  • Learning how to be leaders
  • Prepared for life

Community connections:

  • Internship structure; tied to job, company pool
  • On campus intern facilitator
  • Volunteer coordinator to tie into community events
  • Facility exchange with local groups
  • Painting city blue & gold
  • Lecture series
  • Events to engage city that bring them here and take the campus to the city
  • Service on boards
  • Marketing outside of the UTC hub

Chancellor’s Round Table Board


  • Graduation
  • Skills and needs of employers
  • Job opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities on campus
  • Community engagement
  • Encouragement to reach high
  • Transition from academia to real world
  • Life long passion for learning
  • Pride in achievement in graduation years later
  • Continued engagement – internships, mentors, boards
  • Seeking input to solve community and business problems; seen as a resource
  • User friendly
  • Front door (website) – more intuitive, too many clicks
  • Good with social media
  • National rankings
  • Research
  • Success stories
  • Successes in job placement
  • Honor student enrollees
  • Cooperation between city and academic departments
  • Athletics – catalyst for interaction


  • Town/university visually connected
  • Engagement with community – not just on campus
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Earlier connections with business
  • Seniors mentoring freshmen; faculty help with connections
  • Think tank for community
  • Leading authority on…
  • Telling our story
  • Social media connections
  • Brand UTC as Chattanooga’s university
  • Take advantage of own back yard
  • Sense of ownership – what else does Chattanooga need?
  • Faculty as resource for community
  • Blue ‘n Gold trail

Chamber of Commerce executive committee

  • 20 participants
  • Key Chamber staff and business leaders
  • Used revised vision/mission statement and 3 framing buckets
  • Consistent results with previous groups

Words liked:

  • Creative achievement
  • Success
  • Knowledge
  • Engaged community
  • Inspires
  • Teaching/ academic programs (focus on undergraduate)
  • Solutions

Words less relevant:

  • Metropolitan
  • Critical
  • Scholarly
  • Take advantage of

What they wanted to know or needs more definition:

  • Type of student success
  • Teaching and/or learning
  • Engaging and how you engage

On the 3 buckets, a few added points:

  • Emphasis on business and commerce
  • Learning at work
  • Start with customer service
  • Jobs
  • Show leadership and development
  • Greater faculty engagement in community
  • Shaping learning experiences to fill real world skill gaps
  • Entrepreneurial values and skills
  • Greater visibility
  • Research related to community
  • Engage students in community events, public meetings and civic process

UC Foundation

The UC Foundation trustees participated in the review of the current UC vision statement and potential refinements as well as sharing insights on student success, community connections and customer service. The Foundation also reviewed the potential three major areas of focus for the strategic plan.


Points of general support:

  • Academic focus, particularly on teaching and undergraduate
  • Diversity
  • Partnerships
  • Achievements but mixture of reaction as to classifying them as creative
  • Student success and the focus on its parts
  • Engagement with areas to explore
  • Communities are important but need clarification
  • Concept of preparing an educated work force
  • Defining teaching as classroom and then application outside of the classroom and after graduation
  • Strengthening civic responsibility

Identifying the ways for UTC and students to become engaged in meaningful connections with the community. The discussion was on giving back, sharing leadership and skills through United Way and United Way-based programs.