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Summer Research Opportunities


UTC Greenhouse Summer Internship

Dr. Barbosa is seeking a Biology student to help with the Greenhouse this summer.  The student will be engaged in a myriad of activities in the greenhouse attached to Holt Hall and in the Plan Research Laboratory.  Greenhouse activities include: Plan propagation from seeds, cutting or burgeon )offshoot) of existing plants.  Preparation of different substrates for plant growth including mixed soil, sand, and manure.  Maintain greenhouse plants by pruning, cultivating, fertilizing, and irrigation.  Collect soil and water samples for analysis in the laboratory.  Laboratory activities include: Preparation of different sterile culture media for the in vitro plan, yeast, and bacterial growth.  Becoming familiar with sterile microbiology techniques used in the laboratory.  Support and collaborate in the analysis of water and soil samples collected from the greenhouse.  Participate in an ongoing research project in the laboratory using yeast and Arabidopsis models.  

The Student may not have an individual project but will collaborate with other participants in the lab in a myriad of research activities that will broaden his/her experiences.  In addition, the student will be required to maintain a laboratory research notebook of recorded activities and result. 

Start date will be May 14, 2015

Estimated time commitment: 20 hours/week

Large Scale Clinical Data Analysis 

Dr. Kizza, with the College of Computer Science and Engineering, is now accepting applications for summer research assistance with Large Scale Clinical Data Analysis.   The goal of this research is to use statistical predictive modes that are able to handle a large volume of medical dataset based on boosted regression trees (BRT). The main challenge is the large number of dependent variables (or features) (e.g., more than 600) and large number of categories (or classes) (e.g., as large as 150). Therefore, training task on this kind of data set is very difficult without parallelization. We plan to employ a large Hadoop cluster and HPC with  SPSS modular to solve this issue. The Hadoop Predictive analysis will stop when the depth reaches a pre-defined threshold.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Mark Harvey at for an application. 


 Geometrical Parameters and Institutional Building Energy Efficiency

Dr. Wang, with the College of Engineering and Computer Science, is now accepting applications for summer research assistance.  His summer research project is to better understand how the changes of building geometry (e.g. building compactness, opening size) can affect building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as occupants' comfort.  This research will be conducted through Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of an institutional buildings on UTC campus.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Mark Harvey at for an application. 


Effectively Integrating Instructional Technology to Enhance STEM Teaching and Learning

Dr. Ellis, with the School of Education, is needing a Computer Science / Engineering student with programming experience to help enhance a website that is designed to help enhance a student's conceptual and visual understanding of dimensional analysis.  If you are interested in working with Dr. Ellis please contact Mark Harvey at for an application