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pacific northwest

        Funded by a Robert Noyce grant from the National Science Foundation, this internship aims to engage STEM students in educationally purposeful activities that allow them the opportunity to   examine their interest in and disposition for teaching science or mathematics in middle or high schools.

        Two NLSIs (National Lab Student Interns) will be working at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) located in Richland, Washington where they will collaborate with laboratory staff in ways that contribute to clearly defined laboratory research experiences and at the same time provide the interns with educational experiences that encourage them to study and pursue careers in education.  Interns will be assigned a Master Teacher who is currently working in K-12 education as a teacher and is familiar with the research environment of a Department of Energy National Laboratory.  The master teachers will assist the interns in translating their research experiences into inquiry-based K-12 educational modules that are aligned with national science or mathematics standards.

Application - UNSP National Lab PNNL(Pacific Northwest National Lab)