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STEM Education


STEM Education is an innovative program that encourages undergraduate science, math, and engineering students to explore career opportunities in secondary education.  Through the STEM Education program students will gain valuable hands-on teaching experience, earn a four year degree in the field of mathematics, science, or engineering as well as complete the requirements to earn their teaching license.  Students who have graduated through the STEM Education program have the ability to either begin teaching in their selected field, pursue an advanced degree, or begin working in their selected fields.


Your First Courses Low Risk

teachThe first two courses offered through the STEM Education program are one-hour courses that offer an excellent introduction to teaching, are taught by experienced teachers, and get you in the classroom working with students from the very beginning of your program. 




 Student Support

teachWhile enrolled in the STEM Education program, you will be a member of a supportive community, with master teachers, mentor teachers, STEM Education faculty and staff, STEM Education peers, and the STEM Education Student Organization.  Our goal is to ensure that each student who enrolls in the STEM Education program is successful even after they graduate.