A Student must complete all requirements in one checkpoint before moving to the next.

Checkpoint 1

This step must be completed within the first week of Step 1.

Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2 involves admission into the STEM Education program and must be completed before the student can enroll in Knowing and Learning (STEM 2010) and is normally completed after successful completion of Step 1 and Step 2 (receiving a grade of C or better).

  • Have proof of ACT composite test score of 22 or above on Enhanced ACT or a combined verbal and mathematics score of 1020 on the Recentered SAT.  If these test scores are not accessible through MyMocsNet, it is the students responsibility to provide the department with score reports.
        • UTC offers a Residual ACT test through the Testing office located in the Office Planning, Evaluation, and Institutional Research on a weekly basis. Preregistration is required.
        • If you do not meet the requirements listed above, you must pass the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)
        • You will register for the computer-delivered Praxis I: Combined Pre-Professional Skills Test. The test is offered sporadically and dates fill up quickly, so please schedule your test date early to ensure you meet the deadline. The test appointment is 4.5 hours. Approximately, two weeks after you take the test, your scores will be available electronically to you as a PDF document. You must email the STEM Education Advisor a copy of this PDF to meet this requirement.
        • IMPORTANT: Scores are only available up 30 days after your test date before there is an access fee. Having scores reported to UTC does not report scores to STEM Education you must email the PDF.
  •  Have a minimum 2.75* GPA (UTC and cumulative)
  •  Take and receive a passing score on the STEM Education writing assessment essay.
  •  Successfully complete Step One and Step Two with a grade of at least C.
  •  STEM Education formal application completed and submitted.
    • You must submit a current Resume. This must include a name, address, degree status, major, employment history, and other information (volunteer work, clubs, awards, etc.).  For help with this step, contact the STEM Education Advisor.
  •  STEM Education application for interview submitted.
  •  Complete STEM Education Interview.
Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 3 must be completed after all STEM Education courses have been passed with a C or better, but before the student is able to enroll in Apprentice Teaching (STEM 4020).

  • Have a minimum 2.75* GPA (UTC, cumulative, STEM and content)
  • Successfully complete all remaining STEM Education course work with grades of C or better, with the exception of Apprentice Teaching and Apprentice Teaching Seminar.
  • Passing score on Preliminary Portfolio prior to enrollment in Project Based Instruction.
  • Successfully completed Praxis II exams with scores reported prior to Apprentice Teaching
  • Apprentice Teaching application completed, submitted and accepted.
  • Submitted Resume to STEM Education.
  • Complete Degree+3 Modules 1, 2 and 3 (more information will be provided in class).
Checkpoint 4

Checkpoint 4 will be completed at the end of Apprentice Teaching:

  • Successfully complete Apprentice Teaching.
  • Provide all the required documentation:
    • Portfolio evaluation
    • Reflection evaluations
    • School culture assignment evaluation
    • Secondary student learning evaluations (pre and post-tests)
    • Summary of hours
    • Focused observation forms
    • Completed final evaluation with scores above 2 in all criteria
    • Updated resume
    • Submission of time capsule with future address
  • Complete Degree+3 Module 4
Post-Graduation/Induction Support
  • Complete demographic survey annually.
  • Submit induction years' reflections/perceptions.


*Applicable for all students starting Fall 2015