STEM 1030

Inquiry-Based Mathematics and Science Teaching (Combo)


Introduction to mathematics and science teaching as a career. Discussions include standards-based lesson design; various teaching methods designed to meet instructional goals; behavior management strategies; and learner goals. The course emphasizes lesson planning and assessment of student learning. Students develop and teach five inquiry-based lessons, three to students in middle grades and two to students in grades three through five, all in local elementary and middle schools, and participate in peer coaching. Every semester. Field component. No credit toward Education degree. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing and approval of STEM Education program Co-Director. No credit in STEM 1030 after satisfactory completion of both STEM 1010 and 1020.


Click on the pictures below to see some of the technologies the STEM program uses to engage students in the learning process. In Combo, we learn to integrate these technologies into our lesson plans.