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National Arts & Education Forum

Presented by SCEA and South Arts


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Contexts of Quality:What is Quality Arts Education?

May 14th-16th, 2014 at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga



The Forum convenes a national audience on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus for the purpose of brainstorming ideas, disseminating research, and developing strategies that advance best practices and shape policy recommendations that improve the quality of arts education in our schools.





What will I experience at the Arts and Education Forum?

The Forum is designed to engage attendees through a series of sessions framed around key questions stemming from current issues in arts and education. The event begins with an evening keynote panel where Forum Thought Leaders provide background information and help participants develop a lens for their Forum experience. Then, over the course of two days, participants actively explore issues, share emerging research, develop practical strategies, and shape policy recommendations in arts education. Between sessions, Forum Thought Leaders facilitate small group roundtable discussions that help participants to reflect on session topics and key questions while considering implications in their own work and practice. For more information about 2014 Forum Thought Leaders, please click here.

Who is the intended audience for the Arts and Education Forum?

The intention is to attract people from a variety of disciplines and contexts so that Forum participants walk away with multiple ways to increase access to quality arts education in the communities they serve. Forum participants include K-12 school and university educators, teaching artists, professional development providers, researchers, administrators, and cultural organization leaders from across the country.

How do you select sessions for the Arts and Education Forum?

Our session selection process focuses on finding sessions that are more than presenting information and provide attendees an opportunity to actively explore the Forum topic and key questions.