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The Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA), an outreach department in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is committed to the promotion and delivery of quality arts education for all learners. Our mission is to strengthen and deepen arts teaching and learning through experiential opportunities in a variety of contexts.


Our Goals:

  • Provide regional and national professional development opportunities in curriculum and instruction for educators in arts and non-arts disciplines.

  • Facilitate experiential opportunities for students seeking careers in arts education.

  • Develop partnerships to cultivate high quality arts learning experiences for all learners.



We deliver high quality arts learning experiences.


We design innovative professional development.


We inspire educators to design their own curriculum.

Let us design your next professional development experience!

Our program development process always begins with helping clients identify relevant outcomes and then working backwards to design appropriate professional learning experiences. Click here to begin!