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Dr. Gary Maynard received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in upstate New York in 2013.  He also received two M.A. degrees from Stony Brook--one in Sociology and another in Theatre History.  His Ph.D. dissertation was titled Global Youth Smoking, Neo-liberal Trade Policies and World Polity – A Lagged Panel Analysis of Youth Smoking in the Developing World.

His research and teaching interests include:  Quantitative research methods, Sociology of Health, Social Development, Globalization, International Sociology, Mass Media, Gender Studies, and the Sociology of Religion.


Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  • 2012. Gary Maynard, Eric J. Shircliff and Michael Restivo. “IMF Structural Adjustment, Public Health Spending, and Tuberculosis.” International Journal of Sociology, 42: 5.
  • 2008. Shandra, John M., Eran Shor, Gary Maynard, and Bruce London. “Debt, Structural Adjustment, and Deforestation: A Cross-National Study.” Journal of World-Systems Research, 14:1-20.