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Congratulations to Sociology Faculty and Students

In August, some of our sociology faculty and their students are presenting their research at the annual American Sociological Association Meetings in New York City. We couldn't be more proud to have our department represented at this important professional meeting. Here is a list of the presentations:

  • Gang Affiliated vs. Non-Gang Affiliated Youth: Furthering the Examination of Strain Theory and Gangs, Marclyn Porter; Katie Coggin Hillis; Ken C. Chilton; Mary Katherine Wilson

  • In the Shadow of the Chattanooga Renaissance: Poverty, Crime and Social Disorder, Ken C. Chilton; Barbara C. Medley; Rick Mathis; Kara Serrano

  • Why Join? Gang Participation Motivation Factors Among Adolescents, Barbara C. Medley; Christopher Pell; Madelyn Cave; Marclyn Porter

  • International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Youth Smoking, Gary Maynard


Introducing Dr. Gary Maynard – Our New Assistant Professor of Sociology

The Department is thrilled to welcome Dr. Gary Maynard.  Dr. Maynard recently received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in upstate New York.  He also received two M.A. degrees from Stony Brook in Sociology and Theatre History.  His Ph.D. dissertation was titled “Global Youth Smoking, Neo-liberal Trade Policies and World Polity – a lagged panel analysis of youth smoking in the developing world.”

His research and teaching interests include:  Quantitative research methods, Sociology of health, Social development, Globalization, International sociology, Mass media, Gender studies, the Sociology of religion, and many other areas of sociological interest.

This Fall he will be teaching: Introduction to Sociology (Soc 1510), Social Inequality (Soc 3450), and Research Methods (Soc/Anth 3140). 

Please be sure to stop in and introduce yourself to Dr. Maynard!