What Kinds of Questions Do Sociologists Ask (and Answer)?

Imagine being able to advise  the city of Chattanooga on how best to approach gang-related crime, or to help college and university leaders address the issue of overly-involved parents on their campus . Maybe you're interested in why the divorce and teenage pregnancy rates are so high, and what can be done to remedy those social problems. Perhaps you're interested in the global economy and what that means to your own life as well as the larger community. Or maybe your interest lies in tracking various patterns of discrimination in education or health.

The field of Sociology teaches students the skills to think critically and analytically about the society they live in. We will teach you how to move past your own biases and look for the empirical evidence when addressing social issues. Our department offers a range of experiences from which to learn these things---in the traditional classroom, engaging in internships, and as collaborators on research projects with faculty. Our faculty and students focus on questions that are fundamentally important as we move through the 21st century. For example, what makes a good society? Is it possible to reduce gender and racial inequality and how might that be accomplished? How do various societies define health and why do these differences matter? What is the relationship between democracy and globalization? Why do bureaucracies behave the way that they do? (And no, it's not just to make your life miserable.) If this seems interesting to you, you may discover that sociology is a concentration worth pursuing. 

What Can I Do With an Undergraduate Sociology Degree?  

Sociology graduates work in many fields and occupations and we have provided a brief list of some of them:

Business and Industry

  • advertising staffer

  • banker

  • computer analyst

  • consumer relations worker

  • control engineer

  • data entry manager

  • human resources manager

  • insurance agent

  • issues manager

  • labor relations staffer

  • market analyst

  • merchandiser/purchaser

  • planning assistant

  • production manager

  • project manager

  • public relations staffer

  • publishing staffer

  • quality control manager

  • real estate agent

  • recruiter

  • sales representative/manager

  • technical writer

  • telemarketer

  • trainer

  • training assistant

Community and Social Services

  • case manager

  • caseworker/aide

  • child care worker

  • child development technician

  • community aide

  • community organizer

  • environmental organizer

  • family planning worker

  • fund raising assistant/director

  • group home worker

  • homeless/housing worker

  • hospital administrator

  • housing coordinator

  • medical records worker

  • occupational/career counselor

  • public administration assistant

  • public assistance worker

  • public health supervisor

  • recreation worker

  • rehabilitation program worker

  • resident planning aide

  • rural health outreach worker

  • substance abuse counselor

  • youth outreach worker

  • admissions counselor


  • affirmative action assistant

  • alumni relations worker

  • college placement worker

  • extension service specialist

  • public health educator

  • student personnel worker

  • teacher


  • affirmative action worker

  • employee specialist

  • foreign service officer

  • human rights officer

  • information officer

  • international worker

  • legislative aide

  • peace corps volunteer

  • personnel coordinator

  • program supervisor

  • special agent

  • urban planner

Justice System

  • correctional counselor

  • corrections officer

  • corrections staffer

  • criminal investigator

  • juvenile court worker

  • parole officer

  • police department staffer

  • police officer

  • rehabilitation counselor

  • special agent/state trooper


  • census research assistant

  • consumer researcher

  • criminology assistant

  • data analyst

  • demographer assistant

  • interviewer

  • market researcher

  • social research assistant

  • statistician

  • survey research technician


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