Professional Development School I (PDS I) Program

PDS I is a unique opportunity to spend a semester in a public school classroom with a teacher. It is considered to be an important step toward the student teaching experience. During the PDS I semester, students are placed in one of four Hamilton County public schools, Brown Academy, Battle Academy, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (CSAS) or Normal Park Museum Magnet all day, every day while also taking several hours of integrated course work that is taught by UTC professors. UTC classes will meet either in the PDS I school or on UTC campus. This busy, intense semester is hard work and a very rewarding experience.

In your PDS I school setting, you will be assigned to two different classrooms over the semester. There will be times that you will be observing, making copies, or preparing materials, and there will be times that you will have the opportunity to teach a lesson, tutor one-on-one, or teach small groups. By experiencing PDS I, you will see the connection between theory and practice and become more comfortable in the classroom setting, and your student teaching experience will come more naturally. This experience will also help you determine if teaching is the right career for you!

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Application Deadlines: November 15 for spring semester and June 15 for fall semester

Turn applications in to April Ebbinger in Hunter 312F. (If she is not there, you can slide it under the door.)

  • An email will be sent to let you know if you have met the requirements for PDS I.
  • After you are approved, you will need to make an appointment with Jan Gould in Hunter 312E to register.

Program Coursework


 normal park

Normal Park


Battle Academy


Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences


Brown Academy