Degree +3

Data Driven Decision Making for Teachers


University students entering the teaching profession make their applications for candidacy at varying points in their college careers. UTC’s School of Education (SOE) has created checkpoints that students must fulfill before moving to the next level. Mentors will work with you during each checkpoint to build a knowledge base of assessment and testing that will follow you throughout your university career as well as the first three years of teaching in Hamilton County.

This process begins with you, the pre-service teacher. As pre-service teachers, you will learn how to: read, analyze, and use test data to perform instruction. As student teachers, you will be able to: demonstrate the knowledge gained in previous coursework, review and analyze data of the students you are teaching, as well as change instruction as needed to support learning. As beginning teachers, you will be given mentors to help determine the best mode(s) of instruction to serve students in your classroom.

This initiative helps you, as a new teacher, to be more effective in:

  1. Communicating instructional strategies used daily in your classroom; this includes preparing and delivering correct/best instructional practices to help all students succeed.

  2. Improving the academic progress of all students in your classroom.