√ Checkpoint 4 √

Student teaching follows completion of the third checkpoint. Mentors will visit you during student teaching to help you read and interpret data and prepare instruction, as well as to determine appropriate methods and strategies based on the student data available.

Requirements For Assessment Module 4

¹ Gather data for consultation

 ² Complete survey and evaluation

Checkpoint 4: Assessment Module 4 Login

You can login to Assessment Module 3 through Live Text.  Here you can complete the survey, assignments, and the evaluation.
For questions on Assessment Module 4, please contact Dr. Pam Carter at degree3@utc.edu or (423) 425-4684.

*A student must complete all requirements in Checkpoint 4 before moving to Post Program.*

Please Note: Other Important Items Under Checkpoint 4:

  •     Completion of Student Teaching
  •     Required Paperwork

If you have any questions about other important items in Checkpoint 4, please contact Jan Gould in 312E Hunter Hall,
(423) 425-4212, Janice-Gould@utc.edu.