√ Checkpoint 2 √

You will be visited during either PDS I or an on-campus equivalent class to fulfill the obligations for Checkpoint 2. During these meetings, you will (a) be given an opportunity to review state-, district-, and school-level data; (b) become familiar with the various tests available on-line; and (c) begin learning how to interpret this data.


Requirements For Assessment Module 2 

¹Work in small groups to interpret test data

²Complete an assignment to show your knowledge of the lesson’s objectives.

³Completion of survey and evaluation

Checkpoint 2: Assessment Module 2 Login

You can login to Assessment Module 2 through Live Text.  Here you can complete the survey, assignments, and the evaluation.

For questions on Assessment Module 2, please contact Dr. Pam Carter at degree3@utc.edu or (423) 425-4684.

*A student must complete all requirements in Checkpoint 2 before moving to Checkpoint 3.*

Please Note:  Other Important Items Under Checkpoint 2 Are:

  •     PDS I or Equivalent On-Campus Coursework
  •     Resume
  •     2.75 GPA (UTC, cumulative, education, and content)
  •     Interview
  •     Admission to TEP

If you have any questions about other important items in Checkpoint 2, please contact Jan Gould in 312E Hunter Hall,
(423) 425-4212, Janice-Gould@utc.edu.