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Undergraduate Academic Advisor Directory



Subject/ Last Name


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Freshman Education Majors Academic Advisor

ALL Freshman
Mr. Carl Raus

 Transfer Education Majors Academic Advisor

ALL Transfer Students 
Ms. Vikki Bernotski

Early Childhood (PreK-3)

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assigned advisor
 Dr. Kay Cowan
Ms. Debbie Cantrell
Dr. D.R. Meece
Dr. Angela Prince
Dr. Sarah Sandefur
Dr. Kim Wingate

Child & Family Studies

Dr. Cheryl Robinson

Middle Grades (6-8)

Dr. Jennifer Lubke

Secondary Education

Mr. Billy Millican
Foreign Language
 Dr. Lynn Purkey
Mathematics (STEM)
 Dr. Jennifer Ellis
Natural Science (STEM)
Social Science
Dr. M.A. McCoy

K-12 Areas

Mr. Ron Buffington
Music Education
Dr. Rebecca Adkins
HHP (Health & Phys Ed)
Dr. Jamie Harvey
Mr. John Burgess

Exceptional Learning (K-8)

Dr. Bruce Menchetti

Field Placement Coordinator


TEP Status and Registration


Certification Officer

Teacher Certificate
Add-On Endorsements
Mrs. Avalon Gourlay

Fingerprinting and Background Checks

Mrs. Doris Roensch

M.Ed. and Post-Baccalaureate Advisor Directory

Area of Licensure


All MEd Initial Licensure

Dr. Deborah McAllister

MEd Non-Licensure

 Dr. Deborah McAllister

Art K-12

Mr. Ron Buffington

Foreign Language K-12

Dr. Joshua Davies

Health & Physical Education K-12

Dr. Jamie Harvey

Music Education K-12

Dr. Lee Harris

Reading Specialist

Dr. Sarah Sandefur

Field Placement Coordinator

TEP Status

Certification Officer

Mrs. Avalon Gourlay

All Transitional Licenses

Mrs. Avalon Gourlay