Academic Service Scholars Program


UTC is pleased to present the Academic Service Scholars Program for first-time students.  Applicants who meet the criteria below will be considered for the $4,200 per year award. The Tennessee HOPE Scholarship can be awarded with this, if eligible.


  • Minimum 3.0 High School GPA (first-time freshmen) or cumulative 3.0 University GPA (transfer students),
  • Demonstrate a record of community service/volunteer work in their school and/or community,
  • Ensure the submission of three (3) recommendations through the online scholarship application


and who:

  • Must complete 125 hours of university service each semester.


Prospective students for the 2017-2018 academic year are encouraged to apply with UTC Admissions as their application is now available! The next step is to apply for scholarships within 3-5 days of acceptance by UTC Admissions. Both applications are required for candidates to be considered for this scholarship. The UTC Online Scholarship Application has a specific section dedicated to this program.

All recommendations must be completed by the recommender through our online scholarship application. The application will ask for the email address of any third-party who you wish to submit a recommendation on your behalf (no immediate family members, please). Recommenders will automatically be emailed instructions on completing an online recommendation for you when you list their email address. When a recommendation has been completed, you will receive notification by email. Log back in to your UTC Online Scholarship Application any time to manage your recommendation requests. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all recommendations are submitted by the deadline published in the online scholarship application.

*The IRS considers the Academic Service Scholarship to be taxable income. In January you will receive an IRS Form W-2 which should be filed with your income tax return.
**This is an extremely competitive scholarship program; a limited number of these scholarships will be awarded. This is renewable for up to three (3) additional years based on the student’s academic performance AND completion of 125 hours of university service each semester (refer to their award notification letter for renewal criteria). There is not a 'regain' option for students who do not meet the renewal criteria. Students must be enrolled full-time each fall & spring term to continue to receive the award in future terms. This scholarship cannot be stacked with other renewable scholarships or endowed scholarships offered through the UTC Financial Aid & Scholarship and UTC Admission Offices. Remember - Preference is given to first-time students.