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How to Apply

The Office of Undergraduate Scholarships would like to extend our thanks for your interest in applying for and acquiring scholarships. Scholarship funds are limited and the awarding process is competitive.  Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee a student will receive a scholarship.  The best way to improve your candidacy is to submit all required materials as soon as possible.

The UTC Online Scholarship Application

The 2015-2016 UTC Online Scholarship Application is now available for all Undergraduate students!  Get a jump start on Fall 2015 and review the tutorial below for quick instructions on accessing the application. Then, check out our Dates & Deadlines link to ensure you get your application in on time.

This will be the ONLY application needed to be considered for the Chancellor's, Provost's, Mocs, and Transfer Scholar programs, as well as the Chattanooga YES Grant and Academic Service Scholarship Program.  Additionally, the UTC Scholarship Office will use this application to award some UTC Endowed scholarships.  Interested students can Click Here to view ALL UTC Scholarships.  PLEASE NOTE: Any Scholarship listed that directs you to a Departmental website requires a SEPARATE application.  Students can use the link provided to contact the Department and inquire about the application process. 


Click Here - - - Tutorial - - - How To Apply 


If you have questions, check out our Scholarship FAQ's. You can always call us at 423-425-5790 or e-mail us at if further questions arise.