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HOPE Scholarship GPA Continuation Requirements

For HOPE Scholarship purposes, your HOPE GPA is calculated differently than your Institutional GPA. Your HOPE GPA includes ALL credits received after high school graduation including developmental and repeated courses. We do not include any credits received prior to high school graduation. For example, we do not count dual enrollment courses in your HOPE GPA.

To find your HOPE GPA, you must go through your MyMocsNet account, under the 'Money Tab'. Your HOPE GPA is not listed on your academic transcript. Check out our Where Do I Find My HOPE GPA - Tutorial for assistance.

24, 48 attempted HOPE hours checkpoint

  • 2.75 HOPE Cumulative GPA

72, 96 attempted HOPE hours checkpoint

  • 3.0 HOPE Cumulative GPA

  • OR 2.75-2.99 HOPE Cumulative GPA AND 3.0 HOPE semester GPA in your last full-time semester*

*Click here for additional information about receiving HOPE on the Provisional Method. There are additional rules and requirements associated with this scholarship.

 HOPE Scholarship Enrollment Continuation Requirements

For HOPE Scholarship purposes there are enrollment statuses a student must maintain to continue receiving the scholarship. If you change your enrollment status in one of the following ways, you are in jeopardy of forfeiting your HOPE Scholarship. Forfeiture means you are no longer eligible for the HOPE Scholarship for all future terms.

You will forfeit your HOPE Scholarship if you change your enrollment status one of the following ways:

  • You have totally withdrawn from UTC after the 14th day of classes (last day to drop before a W is received)
  • You have dropped below full or part time enrollment after the 14th day of classes (last day to drop before a W is received)                    
  • You have taken off a Fall or Spring semester (being enrolled in one credit hour will maintain your HOPE eligibility)

*It is a common misconception that you must be a full time student to receive the HOPE Scholarship. The only full time enrollment status requirement is for Provisional Method Hope Scholarship Recipients. For all other HOPE Scholarship awards you must be enrolled in at least 6 hours to receive any portion of HOPE funds. For under 12 hours, you will receive a prorated amount of HOPE. What you must not do is change your enrollment status after the 14th day of classes.