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Tennessee HOPE Scholarship 

The Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (HOPE Scholarship) is a State scholarship awarded to first time freshmen. We have developed a comprehensive HOPE Scholarship website that has a significant amount of information and will answer most questions regarding the HOPE Scholarship at UTC. Please review the links below for important information about the HOPE Scholarship. Below are announcements and other important information regarding the program.

Visit the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation's website for information on HOPE scholarship programs, application procedures, and deadlines.


Important Announcements

Are you a HOPE Scholarship recipient and thinking about taking Summer classes at another institution?

Students may choose to take classes at another institution and still receive their HOPE Scholarship from UTC, if otherwise eligible. The award amount is up to $2000 for the term at a 4-yr eligible institution and up to $1000 for the term at a 2-yr institution. Supplemental awards are paid the same at either institution.

Here are the steps to apply for HOPE to cover classes taken at another eligible TN institution:
  • Be degree seeking and eligible for aid at the home institution (UTC).
  • Be enrolled as a transient student at the host institution (must be an eligible host institution in the state of Tennessee).
  • Complete a consortium agreement.
  • Enroll in at least 6 hours to receive the HOPE Scholarship (which includes Summer Semester).

Please visit the following link for more information on this process: Consortium Agreements

Note**  Students should be aware that not all schools will recognize a consortium agreement and they must consider this before completing the consortium agreement.


Have you considered dropping a course?

If during any term you are considering dropping a class or all classes and you are receiving the HOPE Scholarship, PLEASE first consult the UTC Scholarship Office for advisement. Click here for additional information regarding HOPE Scholarship enrollment requirements**


Are you a HOPE Scholarship recipient who does not wish to complete the Verification Process?

Please complete and submit the Verification Opt-Out Form if you wish to only receive the Hope Scholarship. Submitting this form waives the Verification requirement for financial aid. By signing and submitting this form, students will not receive any Federal or State Financial Aid except for the Hope Scholarship and/or Hope General Assembly Merit Supplement.