Frequently Asked Questions



Please use the How To Apply link on the left menu as a guide to accessing the UTC Online Scholarship Application. This is the ONLY application needed to be considered for the Chancellor's, Provost's, Mocs, and Transfer Scholars programs, as well as the Chattanooga YES Grant. Additionally, the UTC Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will use this application to award some Endowed and Departmental scholarships. Interested students can Click Here to view ALL Endowed and Departmental Scholarships. PLEASE NOTE: Any Scholarship listed that directs you to a Departmental website will require a SEPARATE application. Students can use the link provided to contact the Department to obtain the application.

You can use the How To Apply link on the left menu as a guide to revisit your application.

Unfortunately, no.  UTC scholarship funds are limited and the awarding process is competitive. Meeting the eligibility requirements does NOT guarantee a student will receive a scholarship. The best way to improve your candidacy is to always submit any/all required materials as soon as possible.

Offers for the traditional First-Time Freshmen scholarships (Chancellor's, Provost's, Mocs) will be made to selected candidates as early as mid-November of their senior year for next academic year. Since the the Chattanooga YES! is dependent on demonstrated financial need, we may begin making offers as early as January/February. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to file the FAFSA & complete any Financial Aid requirements.  Remember - the FAFSA opened OCT1 2016 for the 2017-2018 academic year!!! The Transfer Scholarship will be awarded early July. We plan to award additional endowed scholarships from May through early July.

No, only students who are selected will see an offer in their MyMocsNet under the MoneyTab's My Award Information link. For most institutional scholarships, selected candidates will be able to 'Accept' their offered scholarship online. Some scholarships will require a thank-you note to the donor.

No.  We STRONGLY encourage you to ALWAYS complete the application(s) as SOON as Possible.  The scholarship application opens August 15th for First-Time Freshmen, Continuing and Transfer students.  This application is used to award funds for the NEXT academic year.  The federal FAFSA will now open October 1st of each year.  Please, do NOT delay in submitting either of these applications because UTC scholarship funds are LIMITED; and some federal and some State of TN funds are limited as well.

We trust that students and parents alike will instead consider when an application is Available, and not the Deadline.  With this in mind, the UTC Online Scholarship Application opens August 15th for First-Time Freshmen, Continuing Students and Transfer students.  These applications are used to award funds for the NEXT academic year.  The deadline for the UTC Scholarship Application is the following: January 10th for Incoming First-Time Freshmen, January 10th for Continuing Students and July 1st for New Transfer students.  The federal FAFSA now opens October 1st of each year.  Please, do NOT delay in submitting either of these applications because UTC scholarship funds are LIMITED; and some federal and some State of TN funds are limited as well.

Unfortunately, you must first be accepted to the University.  Your login credentials, your UTC ID, will be provided in the ‘Welcome Packet’ mailed to you from the Admissions Office.  Newly admitted students should also receive a short Welcome e-mail to the address the student used in the Admissions application.  This e-mail will also contain the UTC ID# which can be used to assist in accessing the scholarship application.

Please review the Chancellor’s, Provost’s, Mocs, and Chattanooga YES information on the left menu under the Renewable Scholarships link. These awards are Renewable for up to three additional years based on the student’s academic performance. Students must be entering the University in the Fall term. Additionally, we always strongly encourage students to pursue outside sources for scholarships.  Students can use the Outside Scholarship & the Other Helpful Resources links on the Scholarship home page as a starting point.

Please review the Search Scholarships link on the left menu.  There, you can select the View All command to see gifted funds/scholarships.  Some of these funds are awarded using the UTC Online Scholarship Application.  HOWEVER, some of the scholarships refer the student to a UTC departmental web site.  In these instances, students MUST contact the department to begin a separate application process.

Students wishing to apply for the Transfer Scholars program must be entering the University in the Fall term and must complete a separate UTC Online Scholarship Application.  However, if you enter in the spring semester, you may complete a Continuing Student Scholarship Application for the next fall and be considered for additional endowed awards. In order to access & complete the scholarship application, you must be admitted to UTC and have your UTC ID. Additionally, you are always encouraged to contact your academic department for departmental scholarship information.

From our home page, please visit the ‘Outside Scholarship’ and ‘Helpful Resources’ links.  Both provide more information on outside awards and/or tips for searching.

Reviewing/following the steps in the How To Apply link will take you to your Online Scholarship Manager.  This is where you can always review your Online Scholarship Application current status.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be having.  You may need to check the security settings on the computer that you are using.  If it is not a personal (home) computer, the administrator may have pop-ups blocked or high security settings.  If this is a personal, home computer you are using, then we suggest that you begin by adding as a 'trusted site' on the Security Tab in the Internet Options link under the Tools menu.  Then, Delete your cookies & Reboot your computer.

Reviewing/following the steps in the How To Apply link will take you to your Online Scholarship Manager.  This is where you can always review the status of your recommendations.

We ask that all recommenders complete the online recommendation.  If your recommender states he/she is having difficulty with the online recommendations, please let them know they can call or email our office for assistance (call 423-425-4677 or e-mail

Selected recipients are not awarded, traditionally, until April or May.

No. Scholarships awarded using the online scholarship application will not be stacked.  However, if the student receives a departmental award, he/she can receive both.

Unfortunately, institutional awards/scholarships from other schools do not typically transfer with the student.  It is always important to refer back to the award notification that you received for the scholarship to determine the attributes of the award.

Awards are not automatically upgraded.  If a student has already accepted their initial offer, then earns a higher GPA/ACT, the student can notify us via email,  A review of funds would have to occur before any upgrades are considered; this review may not occur until the beginning of the Fall semester.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, students will be able to accept most institutional scholarships through their MyMocsNet. Use our Accepting UTC Scholarships tutorial to accept yours today!

The primary exception to this is scholarships awarded directly by a UTC department.  Those funds are immediately entered as ‘Accepted’ on the student’s behalf.

No, it does not.  However, if your plans change and you decide not to attend UTC, we appreciate you notifying our office as soon as possible.

We strongly encourage all scholarship recipients to keep a personal file containing their acceptance letters, scholarship award notifications, and/or agreements.  Please refer to the scholarship award notification you originally received from UTC.  If you do not have access to that, please contact the UTC Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (e-mail or call 423-425-4677).

No, residual test scores are not considered for scholarship purposes.

No, UTC Admissions does not super score the ACT results.

Generally, Yes, we ask that students complete a new Online Scholarship Application each year. While some scholarships do not require this, it is strongly suggested and offers the student a safeguard in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In addition, we strongly encourage students to keep copies of all scholarship award letters as these may indicate if a new UTC Online Scholarship Application is required each year.

Yes, it is strongly suggested that ALL students complete the federal FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) EACH YEAR.  Remember, NEVER PAY a fee to have your FAFSA processed.  The FAFSA is available beginning October 1st of each year and again, we strongly encourage ALL students to complete this federal application as soon after this date as possible.  TIP: DO NOT wait on your tax documents (w-2’s/1099’s, etc).  The FAFSA application will allow you to ESTIMATE your tax information.  It is suggested that you use the previous year’s tax return data to complete the new FAFSA.  Since some federal and some State of TN funds are limited, it is STRONGLY recommended that you complete the FAFSA in EARLY January.

Call the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at 423-425-4677, e-mail us at, or visit us in Room 201 of the University Center.  We are in a suite adjacent to the UC Auditorium.  Our fax number is 423-425-2292 if needed.

With all the forms, deadlines and acronyms that are involved, the scholarship & financial aid process can seem very confusing. Your best strategy is to apply early, read and follow all instructions, keep copies of documents and respond promptly to follow-up requests. Please call on us at 423-425-4677 or visit us in Room 201 of the University Center if you have concerns.