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Estimate Your 2015-2016 School Expenses worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help prospective & current UTC students estimate their school expenses for the school year. You may incur special fees (not listed here) based on your academic requirements. If you have any questions regarding this worksheet you may contact either the UTC Financial Aid or the UTC Scholarship Office for assistance.


HOPE Scholarship Reinstatement Request Form

If you think you may be eligible to regain the HOPE Scholarship, please complete and submit the following form. Remember, to regain the award, you could have just done better academically or you can request a repeated class grade be excluded. If you have recently received a grade change (NOT by repeating a class) and wish to have your HOPE Scholarship eligibility re-evaluated, please notify the UTC Scholarship Office by emailing


TN HOPE Scholarship Appeal*

 A HOPE Scholarship Appeal is appropriately submitted for the following:

    • You have totally withdrawn from classes for the term
    • You have dropped below full-time (or below 1/2 time enrollment) after the 14th day of classes (last day to drop before a W is received)
    • You have taken a Fall or Spring semester off
    • You failed to enroll in college within 16 months of high school graduation


UTC Scholarship Appeal*

 An appeal for the loss of your UTC Scholarship is appropriately submitted for the following:

    • You did not maintain the required cumulative GPA
    • You did not pass the required number of credit hours (or service/work hours)
    • You have taken a Fall or Spring semester off


*Appeals are considered when extenuating or extreme circumstances exist. Please review the forms carefully. Poor performance in class is NOT considered an extenuating circumstance. For the TN HOPE Scholarship - there is no appeal for the 120 HOPE attempted hour maximum hour limit.