We Can Keep the UTC Community Safe

If we follow appropriate guidelines like the ones below, we can prevent the spread of Ebola on campus.  Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of the disease so you will know how to keep yourself and others safe.

Patient With Stomach Pain

Could You Have Ebola?

Have you traveled to a country where Ebola is active within the last 21 days?


If so, contact Health Services at 423-425-2266.

Patient with Fever

Does Someone You Know Have Ebola?

Ebola looks a lot like the flu and other infections.  If they have symptoms (fever, vomiting, chills) AND have been in contact with someone who has Ebola they should be assessed.

Community Image

Do You Live in a Community Where Someone is Being Treated for Ebola?

People with potential exposure should stay at home and be monitored by the Health Department.  "Being monitored" is not the same as "being treated."

Medical Graphic

Do You Have Classes in or Work in a Facility Which is Treating Ebola Patients?

Practice proper infection control. Follow your PPE instructions. Minimize contact. Report any potential contact to your instructors.