What is the current status at UTC?

UTC Building

At this time, there are no cases identified cases (neither confirmed or suspected) of Ebola in our region.  We also have no one on campus who has traveled to any of the affected areas.  Based on this information, there is no reason to believe that our institution is at any immediate risk.

It is important to emphasize that travel to an affected West African nation (Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia) within the last 21 days and/or direct exposure to someone who has traveled to one of these nations within the last 21 days is a key factor in determining your risk of contracting the Ebola virus.  UTC does not operate any academic programs in the affected countries nor do we currently have international students from the affected countries.

Many health conditions, including the flu, exhibit similar symptoms and can be confused with Ebola.  The West African link is critical.  A list of symptoms and more information can be found here.