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Risk Management is an integral part of the Safety & Risk Management departmental mission. It is both a process and a function and provides necessary services to our students, staff, faculty and the public by identifying, evaluating, and investigating risks of potential financial loss to the University.  The office strives to assure that our campus is environmentally safe and a healthy place in which to learn and work.

If you are injured or incur property damage while on campus, you should report the damage as soon as possible.  If an accident has just occurred, call Campus Police so that an incident report can be completed.  If the injury being reported happened earlier, complete this form and send it to the UT Safety & Risk Management office. Their numbers are below. 

If you believe you have incurred  this damage or injury due to the negligence of UTC or our staff, you must file a claim with the State of Tennessee.  The types of claims that can be brought against the State are specified  in T.C.A. 9-8-307

Any questions about reporting claims, accidents, or occurrences may be directed to the campus/unit business office or the Office of Risk Management, 112 Conference Center Building, Knoxville, TN 37996, (865) 974-5409, FAX (865) 974-0936.

During an emergency evacuation, you should never use the elevator, but what do you do if you are physically unable to descend the stairs?  You should seek out an area of refuge!

Areas of Refuge Call Station and Sign

Areas of Refuge (sometimes called Areas of Rescue or Areas of Rescue Assistance) are designated areas where individuals can safely wait for emergency personnel to respond.  They are often situated near or inside building stair wells and are usually clearly marked with a sign.  In addition, each area of refuge has a phone that should be used to alert emergency responders that you need assistance. 

Area of Refuge and Emergency Eit

If a building does not have an area of refuge, or you don't know where it is, go to the nearest stair well, as marked on the building evacuation signs.  Use the call box located there or use your cell phone to call 9-1-1 to alert emergency personnel to your location.

please don't wait for an emergency to occur to become familiar with the location of these areas. Knowing these locations in advance will enable you to calmly proceed to the appropriate location during an emergency.    

 Falling Stick ManAny employee, regular or term, who sustains a job-related injury or illness in the course of employment with the University, and receives treatment from an approved provider, and whose claim is submitted and approved by the Division of Claims Administration, is covered under the State of Tennessee Workers' Compensation Program.

For more information, please go to the Human Resources site for detailed instructions.

UT System Employee Policy. State law, Tenn. Code Ann. 9-8-307(h), provides that state employees, including employees of The University of Tennessee, have immunity from liability for acts or omissions within the scope of their employment, unless the acts or omissions are willful, malicious, criminal, or done for personal gain.

Description of Coverage
1. Covers liability of students and/or faculty members for the actions of the students while they are engaged in a University of Tennessee directed educational activity relating to their professional field.
2. Covers all locations on and off campus.
3. Insurance coverage is good for one calendar year, following the UT System's fiscal year.  (July 1-June 30)
4. No individual policies will be issued. The UT Knoxville Safety & Risk Management office, upon request by the host location or practice site, will provide Certificates of Insurance evidencing the existing insurance. Send requests to Ann Chappell Tallent (with any attachments) at achappel@tennessee.edu.
5. Very Important:  In the event that you are contacted by a law firm representing a patient/client/facility, please notify the Office of Risk Management immediately.

Student Professional Liability Information 2016-2017

Student Professional Liability Information 2016-2017 (Nurse Anesthetists Only)


The Use of University Vehicles Policy provides policies and guidelines on the use of university vehicles maintained by UWA Transportation Services and the campus motor pool.

Utilize the Vehicle Accident Report Form to report an accident while driving a UT vehicle. For more information, contact UT Knoxville's Risk Management office at (865) 974-5409, FAX (865) 974-0936.

The UTC Vehicle Accident Memorandum should also be completed by the supervisor of the employee involved in the accident as soon as possible and returned via email at safety@utc.edu or via internal mail at Dept. 3904.  

Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, and Property Insurance. The University's liability and accident protection covering workers' compensation, general liability, professional liability, and automobile liability claims is provided by the State of Tennessee under the provision of the Tennessee Claims Commission, Tennessee Code Annotated 9-8-301-307.

For more information about Workers' Compensation claims, please go the Human Resources page for step-by-step instructions.

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