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Insurance Information


Employee protections against liability

UT System Employee Policy. State law, Tenn. Code Ann. 9-8-307(h), provides that state employees, including employees of The University of Tennessee, have immunity from liability for acts or omissions within the scope of their employment, unless the acts or omissions are willful, malicious, criminal, or done for personal gain.


Camp Insurance

Camp Insurance Effective July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014 Covers all registered "campers" participating in activities of the departmental-sponsored program, so long as the department supervises the activities. This document includes Medical Provider Information to be printed and taken with you to your Medial Provider in the event of an injury.


Student Professional Liability Information

Student Professional Liability Information


Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, and Property Insurance

Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, and Property Insurance. The university's liability and accident protection covering workers' compensation, general liability, professional liability, and automobile liability claims is provided by the state of Tennessee under the provision of the Tennessee Claims Commission, Tennessee Code Annotated 9-8-301-307.


Use of University Vehicles

Use of University Vehicles Policy. Provides policies and guidelines on the use of university vehicles maintained by UWA Transportation Services and the campus motor pools.


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