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Injury or Illness

If you become aware of a seriously ill or injured person, you should:

  1. Call the Campus Police at 911.
  2. Give the police as much information as possible about the injury or illness and the location of the victim.
  3. Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person.
  4. Remain with the person until the police or emergency medical personnel arrive.

If the injured person is an employee, contact their supervisor as soon as possible.

Non-Emergency ‘on the job’ employee injuries

Any employee, regular or term, or a student worker while “on the clock” for UTC, who sustains a job-related injury or illness in the course of employment with the University, should call Kathy Taylor at 425-4452 or the Office of Human Resources at 425-4221 before seeking medical treatment.  Go to the following website to review procedures, find a provider in the network (phone Prime Health Services network at 1-866-348-3887  or Sedgwick CMS at 1-800-526-2305), and all the forms (Accident Report, Medical Provider Appointment Time Sheet, Supervisor’s Report, and Supervisor/Department checklist) necessary for completion to be returned to the Office of Human Resources within 48 hours.