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Mission Statement

The mission of the UTC Office of Safety and Risk Management is to provide a safe, healthy and hazard free environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University as well as providing for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulatory requirements.

2nd Annual Best Practices in Higher Education Emergency Management Conference


On March 11-13, 2014, UTC hosted the 2nd Annual Best Practices in Higher Ed Emergency Management Conference at the Chattanooga campus. This event is a unique opportunity for networking and information sharing in the higher education community. Speaker presentations have been uploaded to our website for easy sharing of best practices and innovative solutions.

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Campus Wide Exercise

UTC conducted a campus wide emergency exercise in October 2012. An emergency exercise is a simulated disaster that allows UTC to test equipment, personnel, plans and procedures to determine strengths and weaknesses. This process allows UTC to enhance their ability to plan, prepare, respond and recovery from campus emergencies. Watch the video HERE.

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Training Opportunities




FEMA Independent Study Course


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